Body Movement was created and founded by Scott Madden. A group training facility that features the most dynamic body moving training styles to date. Not only did Scott want to create effective training styles, but create something different that kept training interesting and motivating, he has taken the best from the best bringing you Body Movement.

The beauty of this structured systemized training is that it is for anyone,

The Concept

The concept is simple: Our studios focus on a 45 minute session with multiple classes running throughout the day, focused on all areas of the body we want our members to have an all round strong and fit foundation to get maximum result. We have over 3,000 different exercises assuring you never do the same workout twice. All these workouts are created out of Body Movement HQ where they are also updated daily keeping the brand creative and to keep members and there bodies guessing for maximum result.

All of our trainers trial and test every workout, we make sure that every time limit, round and station pushes you creating motivation to get it done!