There’s something very unique going on in a warehouse in the back streets of Kincumber. And It’s all the brain child of young entrepreneur & personal trainer, Scott Madden. Created in 2014, Body Movement is a gym that offers fits lovers a new way to work out in an environment that’s rare in the gym scene.

When you walk in the front door, you’re immersed in a totally new world of artwork murals, neon lights and pumping tunes. It’s really like no gym you’ve been to before. Think warehouse club with DJ booths (yes, they actually have a DJ booth) but then add in some weights, barbells and machines and you’ve got Body Movement.

The workout structure predominantly revolves around 45 minute circuit-style workout, however the gym is open from 5:30am - 8pm and also caters to those who want to work out at their own pace and at their own time.

Educating members and making sure everyone feels comfortable in the space is the main focus for Madden.

“A lot of people find it daunting walking into a new gym, so we spend a lot of time with people, teaching them about the equipment and making sure they feel confident with all the gear and tailored program’s.”

Fun is also a big focus for the gym and getting members excited about coming in for a session is key.. which can’t be too hard, with all the nightclub-style lighting and dance dance beats pumping around the warehouse!

“The fitness industry at the moment has become really strict in terms of leading a super clean lifestyle, but I think a more relaxed and balanced approach is what we aim for here, We want people to stick it out for the long run, rather than these short and tough bursts.”

“Having fun is what we’re all about. We want people to come in here to catch up with friends, as well as work out. It’s a real community. The relationships that are formed here are having such a great impact on our members.”

The perfect example of building the Body Movement community is BYO Fridays where members are encouraged to bring a friend to join the crew.

- Coastal Lifestyle Magazine Edition 7.